Searchify takes search on your Shopify ecommerce store to the next level. Start by adding autocomplete to your search box so customers can quickly find products based on matching suggestions. Then monitor the searches your customers are entering so you can understand what they are looking for. Searchify will also track keyword searches from search engines such as Google and Bing, telling you what page they landed on and what the ranking was for the keyword.

Searchify is developed by Zetya.

How it works

After you sign up with Searchify, we create an index of your products on our servers. The index mirrors your products and is updated nightly. You can also log in to Searchify at any time and request re-indexing.

Installation code is provided that adds the autosuggest functionality to your store's search box.

  • Fast "rich autocomplete" functionality
  • Prompts users with "Did you mean..." product title suggestions for misspelt terms
  • Matches across product sku, title, description, collections and variants
  • Display product title, collections, vendor or type, as well as price.
  • Optionally show product image thumbnails in search results
  • Automatic installation
  • Fully customizable look and feel - CSS can be used to change any colors, borders, paddings, etc.
  • AJAX based - it doesn't load full products database, just matched products
  • Highly configurable
  • Jump directly to product pages, bypassing the search results page
  • 100% pure JavaScript and CSS, no flash or other embedded content
  • Doesn't break or replace original search functionality, just adds new functionality
  • Works with the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget
  • Powerful search analytics tracks keywords, source (e.g. Google) and landing page.






Video - Searchify